Its been a long while since PyconAU 2015 and an even longer time since I last posted here but as my new years resolution I am going to try and post more regularly – lets see how I go :)

Although 2015 was only my second year attending PyconAU, I really felt at home amongst the community and had a great few days living and breathing Python. The quality of the talks was very high and I walked away having learnt a considerable amount. Having attended a lot of academic conferences I love the informality of PyconAU, and I find that attendees are really happy to share their opinions and expertise, something that really contributes to an enjoyable and informative conference.

This year I presented a talk entitled Learn You A Flask. The talk discussed Flask, a lightweight Python web framework, that was originally built as an April fools joke. Far from a joke, Flask is a great framework for both beginners and experts alike and is useful for small to medium projects or prototyping larger projects. Flask has a great plugins framework and a friendly and supportive community which all adds up to a great programmer experience.  In my talk I also took the chance to discuss how to deploy a Flask web-app to Heroku, a simple Platform as a Service (PaaS) that natively supports Flask based web-apps.

The slides from my presentation are linked above and the code for the talk can be found at

In 2016 PyconAU will be moving to Melbourne and I am sure it will be another fantastic event. I hope to see you there.

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